The Silvano Story

“Silvano is all about family, love, giving to those we love and nurturing ourselves.”

- Co-owners and Founders, Masci Family

Silvano's Love

Silvano was Fran Masci’s older brother. He was a
very adventurous boy who loved people and was well loved. He cared deeply for the elderly, and went out of his way to help them where he could. He had an old soul and was tragically taken far too young.

His kindness and empathy is deeply missed, but not in any way forgotten; thus making him the muse for the Silvano collection of products.

Following in the footsteps of Silvano, this brand is dedicated to giving to others and spreading love.

Family & Community

These feelings of community and family are a core part of the brand’s identity. The products have been hand crafted by the Masci family working closely with an aromatherapist, as part of their long standing business, Masci Hair and Spa.


The Mascis have always been driven by giving to others. 10% of proceeds made from Silvano products are sent to Africa to support the orphanages and schools led by the Salesian Sister Missionaries.

As well as giving to others, the brand has placed an emphasis on giving to one’s self. Encouraging women to take time to nourish their bodies. As beautiful as it is to nurture others, we must also nurture ourselves.


The whole Silvano Organic Product Range is organic, locally sourced and 100% Australian made. All of our products are about nurturing one’s self, with nourishing ingredients.

These products place a large emphasis on skin, being the largest organ in the human body. They deeply nourish the skin, as well as nourishing the soul as one takes time to care for self.

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